Mark Lee

Where are you from? Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, but have been in Conway, Ar. Since 1995. Born 9/25/1964

How Long have you been bowfishing?  Started in 1990 on Toledo Bend with Gator Gar, and Big Buffalo fish. Didn’t get into shooting numbers until I started shooting with Jim Bebee in the early 2000.

What do you enjoy most about this sport?  I enjoy a lot of things, Tournaments so I can spend time visiting with guys from different places instead of online., I like seeing how many fish or weight it can take to win, not ours, but the team who does the time and who are usually good at finding fish, and beating their personal best! I enjoy seeing new guys getting into the sport and getting them to where they do not need to feel pressured to be as good as some of the ones who have been doing it for sometime. I enjoy helping new guys get set up on a budget to see if they’re interested.

What is your favorite fish to shoot?  Don’t really know if there is a favorite per say, I have shot gator gar, buffs, commons, Israeli’s (mirror) common’s, and even a butterfly one. , whitey’s, dink gar, Asians, bigheads, etc… I like shooting dink gar, but I like shooting big fish also….I know the one I hate the most is shad!

What is your favorite memory from bowfishing?  Quite a few actually….A. The night Jim and I caught the boat on fire in 1 foot of water, acting like he was gonna jump out …..(only ½) would’ve burnt! Sprayed the tank down on the genny with the fire extinguisher and refilled her and carried on the rest of the night! B. Gator gar fishing on Toledo bend in the 90’s, we had about a 100 pounder on, followed her up to the bank-line and she went back out deep under the boat….now this was like 4 a.m., I jumped down off the deck into ankle deep water on the floor of the boat.. by the time we figured the line had wrapped around the plug in the back of the boat and the fish had pulled it out, cranked the outboard and started trying to get back to the boat ramp, the water was coming over the bench seats…..I floored the outboard and the nose stood straight up for about a quarter of a mile….If you know buzzards roost(float road Pass, gov’t ditch) on Toledo bend, you know the row of tall cypress trees down the creek …..I had to navigate by the tops of those trees praying we did not hit a stump…boat leveled out about the time we got to the mouth of float road pass and I had to run on plane until we got to Williams….(around the corner of float road pass)….got the boat loaded, drove 30 miles to find another 2” plug and went back to see if we could find the gar…..never did….way many more stories, tornado’s, storms, etc….best memories are with the people I have fished with and made lifelong friends with….most have been with Jim Bebee as my longest standing Bowfishing Partner.

8 Jun 2018

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