Welcome to the Bowfishing Association of America records page. Here you’ll find records of BAA members and their trophies.

You must be a BAA member to hold a BAA record.

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World, State and Youth Record Application Requirements

All applicants must be a member of the BAA.

There are 2 options

Option 1:

  1. Free adult members (18 years and older) will need to submit a $5.00 fee to have their record registered.
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      1. There is no charge for Youth Record submissions, but the Youth must be a Premium Member to qualify for Youth Bowfisher of the Year points
  2. Premium members can submit records for free and receive Bowfisher of the Year points for record submissions.
    1. Premium Memberships expire at the end of each calendar year.  They will need to be renewed if expired before the record will  be certified.
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All fish must be weighed on either a state registered certified scale or with the approved BAA scale and weight combo.  Please see the section on Weighing Instructions for details:

For record applications fill out the form HERE.

Please include the following information in the email:



Phone Number

Species of fish harvested – No Hybrids!

Date Harvested


Length (if possible)

State Harvested – Must be from Public Waters!

Pictures of whole fish ON the certified scale, preferably video if you can provide it.
Please UPLOAD videos to  and send us the link.  Please do not email the video file.

If using the Klau scale (see additional Weighing Instructions), please find a stable place to hang the scale and the fish, rather than holding up both.

A photo of the person holding the fish is mandatory.  This will be used on our website and social media pages.  Records will not be certified if this picture is not submitted!

Must submit one photo of the fish laying flat on the ground with all fins spread out (especially dorsal and tail fins) showing.

If submitting a REDHORSE, CARPSUCKER or BUFFALO please submit a picture of the closed mouth clearly showing the lips UP CLOSE.

Please allow 1-2 weeks to process.


We suggest you contact your local Co-Op or DNR to weigh your fish. Weighing Must Take Place on a Certified Scale. Put your fish on water and take it to get weighed. Just make sure to tell them Thanks! They are not required to do this service.

Make sure to take as many photos as you can, especially of the current certification sticker.  Video is preferred. Please make sure the scale is zero’d out/tared if you’re using a container, rope, or anything else to help weigh the fish.


We will accept fished weighed on the Klau Industrial Digital Hanging Scale. (300 kg / 600 lb model SF-918) that you can purchase from  You will need to also purchase a CAP Barbell 2-Inch Olympic 2.5 LB Grip Plate from as well.

You will need to zero out the scale with the S hook on the scale. Next, weigh the 2.5 LB plate so we can see the weight. The weight is cast and may not register exactly 2.5 lbs. (2.4-2.6 lbs is typical) Now, remove the 2.5 lb weight and weigh your fish. This must all be recorded. Hang the scale from a stable location and then add the fish to the scale. Do not hold the fish and the scale. Please UPLOAD to  and send us the link.


Make sure you keep the scale in a dry box.

We also have access to the NTEP Intelligent Intell-Weigh APM-60 Bench shipping Scale and a stainless steel 1 lb calibration weight with the NIST Traceable certificate that we can use to help certify your club scales.  Please contact Jeff Neiball about this service.