The BAA has partnered with Sector Bowfishing to offer an App-based view of identified Red Zones nationwide. The FREE app offers the following benefits:

Red Zone Notifications – Receive immediate notifications when you enter a Red Zone. Our proactive alerts keep you informed and compliant, preventing unintentional encroachment into restricted fishing areas.

Pinpoint Location Accuracy – Navigate with confidence and precision. Our advanced location technology accurately identifies your position relative to Red Zones, ensuring you steer clear of restricted areas and fish within the legal boundaries.

Search Red Zones – Effortlessly locate Red Zones to ensure compliance with regulations. Our app’s precise search feature quickly guides you to areas where fishing is restricted, helping you to navigate the waters responsibly.

Detailed Red Zone Information – Stay well-informed with extensive details about each Red Zone. Our app provides essential information, including boundaries and specific fishing restrictions, to ensure you are always aware of the areas to avoid.

Most importantly, Sector Bowfishing does not SAVE or SHARE your location.

If you have an area that you need to see reflected as a Red Zone, please contact the BAA and we will evaluate the ask and work with Sector Bowfishing to get the maps updated.

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