Jeff Jester

Where are you from?  Warren, AR

How long have you been bowfishing?   Around 20 years

What do you enjoy most about the sport?  I enjoy the competition and fellowship with other bowfishermen across the Country. I love watching this sport grow and I hope it continues after we are gone.

What is your favorite fish to shoot?  I love to shoot all fish!

What is your favorite memory from bowfishing?   I’ve been fortunate to win several state championships and multiple World Championships since I’ve been in the game, but the memory that stands out the most to me was the first World Championship I won. At that time I had just started tournament fishing and didn’t have a lot of money to put forth, but Torry Cook and I came to Guntersville, Alabama in 2003 anyway. We slept in the boat and ate Vienna’s all week because we couldn’t afford a motel. All our critics told us we were wasting our time and we didn’t have a chance against the big dogs that would be there. We worked our butts off and it paid off. We shot 408 fish from our fan boat. The top airboat brought in over 100 fish less than us! So never think you can’t compete just because you don’t have the equipment, or experience. You’ve just got to work hard and go a little further than the next man.

8 Jun 2018

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