Jeff “Gargod” Beall

Where are you from?  Henderson, Texas

How long have you been bowfishing?   started bowfishing in 1986

What do you enjoy most about the sport?   I think the things I enjoy most about the sport is the camaraderie and getting new folks involved in the sport. I worked at or owned an archery shop the last 27 years so I’ve gotten to see a lot of my customers prevail in the sport.

What is your favorite fish to shoot?   I would have to say my favorite fish to target is definitely the alligator gar. I would rank tilapia at #2 followed by buffalo at #3.

What is your favorite memory from bowfishing?   I have so many great memories thru the years. I would have to say fishing and traveling the country shooting tournaments with my old partner and boss Ronnie Wall ranks up there at the top. Ronnie has since passed, but we were able to meet so many great people who are still my very close friends today.


8 Jun 2018

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