Bubba “Hoopty” Suggs

Where are you from?  From Longview ,TEXAS

How long have you been bowfishing?  I been Bowfishing 20 years

What do you enjoy most about the sport?   I enjoy meeting new people , seeing kids shoot their first fish, being part of the Youth World Championship, Hosting the Texas Youth Championships and beating all the teams that show up to a shoot , don’t always happen but I ain’t there to loose .

What is your favorite fish to shoot? My Favorite fish to shoot is the Alligator Gar , but I love shooting Tilapia

What is your favorite memory from bowfishing?  Its a toss up on memory, 2014 BAA World the Ga boys had 340 fish and was in top spot, we was the last team to count and I was laying out our Big 20 on the deck to weigh when Shawn came walking up and said we ain’t gonna weight Big 20 we will get creamed , So me and Gibby start throwing fish, looks like it’s gonna be close and we hit 340 fish and as I looked on the deck for our BIG fish they are all gone(lol) we had no big fish for tie breaker, then Shawn seen a tail under fuel tank and the dig was on , it was a shad and we Won by one fish. The other was Jacey killing her first fish it was a buffalo during the Youth Worlds and winning her age group. Them 2 memories will stick with me forever.

8 Jun 2018

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