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Bowfishing Association of American

Welcome to the Bowfishing Association of America, commonly referred to as the BAA.  The only true National Bowfishing organization in the country

The BAA was incorporated in 1989 to manage bowfishing tournaments in the United States.  The BAA’s current mission is to preserve, protect and provide education on the sport of bowfishing. We work closely with biologists and natural resource departments to help reduce the spread of invasive fish species around the country, as well as control populations of non-game fish with few natural predators.

History of the BAA and Bowfishing in the US

Fred Bear

Fred Bear

Fred Bear was not only the father of modern day bowhunting, he was also the father of modern day bowfishing!  He was one of the first to design and manufacture bowfishing gear starting in 1958 that any sportsman could use.  The first Bear bowfishing kit contained a fiberglass arrow with rubber fletchings, a Bear hand reel, 50’ of line and a Harpoon broad head that sold for $5.95.

Bowfishing in a Canoe

Way before airboats came along…

Here is an early 80’s picture of bowfishing pioneer and inventor/owner of Shureshot Bowfishing Points Ron Skirvin bowfishing out of a canoe!

Wilbur Corely starts one of the first stores for bowfishing supplies

Corely’s Bowfishing Stuff

The originator of the bowfishing specific supply store, Wilbur Corley’s Bowfishing Stuff.   He fished Lake Mead to get inspiration for the first bowfishing store (the same lake that DWO fished for the $10,000 prize).  He also made the first front-mount reel seat that was eventually sold to Muzzy.

AMS First Zero Drag Retriever

The Birth if the Bottle Retriever

In 1985 AMS Bowfishing debuted their bottle line retriever.  This was the first reel to eliminate the problems with arrow snap backs.  No More Lost Arrows!

Game changer!

Here is a 1987 advertisement for the NEW Muzzy Fish Point!

The bowfishing point evolved from the broadhead and original versions actually used notched blades.  Nothing penetrates, or breaks bone better than that tip design so it was perfect for a bowfishing tip.  The original bodies were broadhead styles as well, but were later changed to stainless steel, then enlarged and beefed up to withstand the rigors they were being put through. The cam-action barb system and Trocar tip are still the most copied designs in bowfishing.

Bob Brown & Danny Nichols : Arkansas: Founding Fathers of the Bowfishing Association of America

BAA Founded in 1989

The BAA was started in 1989 during a meeting that was held in Tennessee.  David Frazier was elected President, Jimmy Hendrix became Vice President,  other founding members present at that meeting were Alan Yedor Sr., Danny Nichols and Bob Brown.

One of the organization’s purposes was to monitor bowfishing tournaments in the United States.  The BAA also helps bowfishers to fight for their rights.  The BAA continues to work with several government bodies to regulate bowfishing, protecting both bowfishers and the fish that they target.

Claude Pollington

Claude Pollington, the father of the Lever Bow.

Claude Pollington – C.P.Oneida.  In The early 1980’s Ted Nugent, a good friend of Claude’s, gave him an Oneida Eagle bow (H-250). He was so impressed he started helping the inventor John Islis with production. After Oneida Labs bankruptcy in the fall of ’99, Claude was able to rescue the company from bankruptcy and C.P.Oneida was born. Within the C.P era, Oneida released many new and exciting bows. Possibly the biggest impact the sport of bowfishing felt was the release of the Talon in 2004. That bow, offered with stainless hardware, would become the Osprey.  The Osprey has been a staple on the water ever since.  No other compound bow in the archery industry has seen as many years of production as the Osprey. Claude Pollington will forever be known as “the White-tail Wizard”, but to all of us bowfishers he’s the “father of lever bows”




“Fish Beware. The Osprey Is About to Strike!”

The Osprey was one of the first bows ever produced specifically for bowfishing.  In 2005, C.P.Oneida came out with a lightweight, shooter-friendly bow.  It could be weight and length adjusted, but also allowed the archer to adjust his/her draw cycle and let-off percentages.  There have been many other bows geared towards fishing, but none so versatile.  Shown here is John Paul Morris who, as of 2015, acquired Oneida Eagle Bows.  JP is an avid bowfishermen, tournament promoter, and conservationist, who also co-stars in “The Habit TV” on The Sportsman’s Channel where they bowfish often!



Worlds Boat Record Attendance





“The Worlds boat Record attendance breached 100 Boats for the first time at 108!!”

Host John Laska, along with his team of Justin Wilke and Josh Ring running weigh in, they promoted the BAA as a whole, bringing competition from all corners of the country for one of the greatest events in BAA history. With just shy of 400 Participants and over 100 spectators from around the region it boasted numbers nothing short of thrilling to participate in. Revenue generated by this event exceeded $220,000 for the local communities and helped bring several invasive asian carp to fisheries for studies and established new relationships with DNR and the Fisheries Dept. 91 Teams came back to weigh in with the following winners.

Big 20 Champs –  1st Place – Team “Carpnado” 336.27#

2nd Place- Chasin Gars 311.74#

Numbers- “You Already Know” 440 fish

2nd Place- “KillinTime” 390 fish


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