2019 Worlds Bids



2019 Worlds Championship Bid

Pools 3-9
Winona, Mn
Saturday June 29th 2019
4:00pm-6:00pm Registration
6:15 Orientation
6:45pm Launch
8am Weigh in
(3 weigh in stations)
(At least 1 State Certified Scale)
Handmade Carp Trophis and belt buckles will be present!!
2-4 Man Teams
Big 20 Division
Numbers Division
Big Common
Big Gar
Big Dogfish
Big Shortnose Gar
$250 Numbers and Big 20 Division
$50 for all 4 Side Pots
If teams wish to enter only 1 category, entry is $175 for Big or Numbers Division individually.
Noise – The 65db is while bowfishing from 50ft away, it is a passer by test and running speed noise for any watercraft in Minnesota is 84db @ 50ft.  There are no laws prohibiting or regulating airboats on the MN side of the Mississippi River. Airboats amongst all other boats are legal to launch from the MN side of the river (besides at campgrounds at night).  There are a few designated wildlife refuge areas assigned by the federal fish and wildlife.  These will be posted and detailed as redzones – which apply to all boats in this shoot.  Along with 2 stretches of housings along the the MN side of the river.
Free Fish Disposal for all teams
(Already okayed for bid)
I currently have a team of 12 guys and gals that have already volunteered to help with set up, weigh in, Boats check, fish disposal, registration and location. This does not include the crew that Justin Wilke has at his disposal for volunteers either. 


Location- 3150 E. New York Avenue, Deland FL, 32734 (Volusia County Fairgrounds)

Date- May 4-5th 2019
Saturday take off time: 5pm
Sunday weigh in time: 9am

Format- big 30 or numbers $200 both $300
Big fish side pot $25


Fish disposal- local hunting club for fertilizer for food plot

Volunteers- 6-8

The location picked is centrally located in Florida and is right off Interstate 4 (I4). The fairground parking lot can accommodate a large amount of vehicles and people. The gar spawn is on during this time of year along with other species.


22 Aug 2018

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