2019 Bowfishing Association of America’s

World Championship Rules

Saturday June 29th, 2019

2- 4 man Teams

Head Tournament Director John Laska 507-313-1601

Tournament Officials

Matt Harris, (Weigh In) Josh Ring, Justin Wilke

Vendor Booths- 1:00 pm-5:30 pm

Check in/Registration 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

6:10 PM Mandatory Orientation

6:45pm Launch

WEIGH IN 8:00am 1060 Bruski dr, Winona, Mn

Divisions and Entry

$175 per boat enters into either;

Big 20 Division

Numbers Division


$250 Per boat enters team into both categories

$50 SIDE POT- 4 Individual Side Pots Included

Side pots;

Biggest Shortnose (By Weight)

Biggest Longnose (By Weight)

Big Dog ( By Weight)

Biggest Fish (By Weight)

$500 bonus- Knutson Roofing


All Public landings on Minnesota and Wisconsin sides within the railroad tracks. This is governed to be border waters area and Wisconsin or Minnesota fishing licenses can be used.

Borders- NORTH TO SOUTH- South of Pool 3 Lock and Dam to Pool 9 – Minnesota Sate Line.

(“Public” – defined in this tournament by a Public Access sign to be present or DNR like sign for access is accessible to every single boat in the tournament.)

1.Each team member must be a member of the BAA

2.Each team member must have the proper registration papers and registration numbers.

3. Each team member must have the proper state fishing license.

4. All airboats/fan boats must have a suitable shroud protecting the fan blade. Anything questionable will be brought before the BAA board that is in attendance at the tournament.

5. Each boat must have the following safety equipment: ( running lights, fire extinguisher, one throw able life preserver, horn/whistle, life jackets-one per person, unless the hosting state requires additional items then it willbe required also.

6. Each team member must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket anytime the boat is running on plane.

7. No shooting fish while wading.

8. Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED during tournament hours.

9. Any citation from the hosting states Fish and Game department may disqualify the participants from the tournament. It is not the responsibility of the BAA or the tournament directors to enforce state or federal fishing/boatinglaws, but any citations or violations issued from hosting state waterway law enforcement may result in disqualification. (This will be up to the tournament committee, which consists of the tournament director and BAA officers present, which must be an oddnumber)

10. 2-4 persons per team, one team per boat. (no passengers)
11. All boats will leave and return to the landing in a NO WAKE idle.

12. The winning team will be decided by the total numbers/weight of fish shot by each team, depending on designated category for each division.

13. Only legal/designated bowfishing species for that state will be accepted for the total fish count. NO CATFISH IN BOATS, NOT LEGAL IN MINNESOTA

14. Certificates, cash, or merchandise will be given away to the team shooting the biggest fish (by weight) in each of the fish categories. It is the teams responsibility to enter the fish into the BIG FISH categories. These willbe determined yearly.

15. It will be the responsibility of the TEAM to determine the largest fish from the count to be both weighed and measured by tournament officials to be used for the tie-breaker.

15A. Biggest Fish deemed to have won the side pot categories will be gutted to ensure foreign objects were not used to enhance weight.

16. Scouting may be done anytime. Any boat that is on the tournament water with bows, arrows, nets, gigs, or gaffs in the boat 72 hours prior to the tournament will be DISQUALIFIED, unless otherwise decided by the tournament director/officers for that event. This includes disqualification for citations and tickets issued either by local, state or wildlife agencies. 2019- 4pm Wednesday until Launch

17. No baiting or chumming of fish before or during the tournament.

18. A token with the team number will be given to each team prior to the beginning of the tournament. It will then be the responsibility of the team to return their token to the fish counter prior to counting that teams fish. Teamswill assist in the counting and removal of fish from the counting area. Tokens may also be taken up during the return to the ramp, depending upon the tournament director.

19. Fish entries must be taken with bow(compound, recurve, longbow, or crossbow.) and a single point arrow only.

20. No hollow shaft hunting arrows may be used during the tournament.

21. No fish points or arrow with explosive or other shocking devices are allowed.
22. All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval, and line must be attached to the bow.

23. No nets or gigs will be allowed in the boats. Gaff hooks with a single hook and a handle of no more than 6 foot will be allowed for landing big fish.

24. All boats will be subjected to a random inspection by the tournament officials 36 hours prior to and until the end of the tournament.

25. Trailering will be decided by the tournament director.

26. There is no limit to the number of miles you can travel by boat.

27. Each team will be allowed the use of only one boat during the tournament. If mechanical trouble requires the use of another boat, that boat must be inspected prior to leaving the tournament site. (you may have multiple boatsfor back-up, but they must all be inspected before they are allowed to leave for replacement)

28. If you have a boat go down during the tournament, you may bring the boat back to the tournament site to switch out boats, but all team members must come and switch out boats at the site.

29. For safety reasons, a team may drop off equipment ( to insure that boats are not overloaded), provided that all team members leave the landing and all team members and their fish returns for their weigh in.

30. Officials will check all boats and only then will a boat be allowed to leave the tournament site.

31. All boats will leave when their number is called by the starting official, and in the order in which the entries were received.

32. It is the responsibility of each team to know weight limits and capacities for their boat. Anyone found guilty of disobeying these laws by the DNR or other government agencies will be disqualified for the WORLD SHOOT.

33. Anyone not back at the launch site at the pre-determined time will be docked one fish per minute up to 30 minutes for Numbers Division or 10# per Minute for Big 20 Division, after 30 minutes, that team will be disqualified.

34. If you break down and cannot get back to the check-in point by your own means, you can get towed back to the launch site by another boat, but your team and your teams fish must not leave your vessel. Boat must return to thetournament site.

35. If you are towed back by another boat that is in the tournament, the boat towing will not be penalized, but needs to be back in a fair amount of time, or call one of the officials to help with recovery measures. We ask thatif towing time will be more than one hour past time, please call so as to not hold up the weigh in .

36. The BAA is in no way responsible for towing back to the tournament site, though we will get help sent out to you as soon as possible.

37. Protest during the WORLDS SHOOT may be brought up one hour before the awards ceremonies, and to the tournament committee with a fee of $100.00. If the protest is found to be warranted, the protest fee will be refunded. Fee mustbe paid before protest can be filed.

38. You will not be at more than idle, when within 100 yards of any occupied structure and 300 yards from any campground. State Law prohibits shooting within 150 feet of an occupied structure and 300’ from any campground.

39. No water is to be transported, carried or by any other means while traveling within Minnesota. Tournament officials will be allowed to waive slime, blood and water left over from fish only in barrels, any transportation of waterto keep fish weight will be breaking state law and your team will be disqualified. This is at the discretion of the Officials and in the case of Rain, it will be determined by rain fall in accordance to the area you shot.

40. 75 yard minimum distance between boats while fishing- respectfully passing a boat is allowed at a minimum distance of 30 yards while you are not fishing but moving spots. This shall be done in a respectful manner and not atspeeds exceeding 10 mph. First team to a spot has full right to tell other team(s) they are too close, do this respectfully and with sportsmanship, addressed team must respectfully move and fish outside the 75 yard distance. If problem persists, take videoand submit to Tournament Director. Tournament Director has final say. Please provide proof and make sure the team can hear you when giving warning.

41. Cutting off boats to spots is Auto DQ- must have video proof. Be respectful to all competitors. No cutting off, blocking or washing out. This is ethical and logical bowfishing, respect each other on the water! Be aware of yoursurroundings at all times. Breaking any of these rules in front of a tournament official is proof enough and will not need video.

“Cutting off”- To prevent a team from going straight on their course causing them to veer and change paths while the team is fishing.

“Washing out” – Deliberate act of running ahead of another boat with intent of muddying the water in front of another boat to cause them to not see fish.

“Blocking”- The use of a watercraft to prohibit the use of a public waterway in such a way to not allow fellow teams from getting by you while moving or anchored.

42. Bins/buckets for weigh in must be labeled by team name or team #. No doing so and a barrel left behind is a donation to the Minnesota Bowfishing Tournament Series, as we cannot ship barrels all over the states.

43.Waivers must be signed by all participants prior to launch. They will be handed out at check in. These waivers deem that no liability, death or injury shall be the responsibility to any tournament official, the city of Winonaand all its precincts. Not having a waiver signed and dated will disqualify you from competing in the Worlds Championship event. You Presume all risks on your own behalf and cannot hold anyone else but yourself accountable during this event.

44. In the event of a TIE, whether in Big 20 Division or Numbers Division, biggest fish weighed by the team will be the tie breaker. In side Pots, LENGTH of fish will determine tie breaker.

45. Noise- The 65db is while bowfishing from 50ft away, it is a passer by test and running speed noise for any watercraft in Minnesota is 84db @ 50ft at night. There is no laws prohibiting or regulating airboats on the Minnesotaside of the Mississippi River. Airboats amongst all other boats are legal to launch from the Minnesotas side of the river (besides at campgrounds at night, KOA in Pool 6, WildCat Landing Pool 8) Their are a few designated wildlife refuge areas assigned bythe Federal Fish and Wildlife as no motor areas. These will be posted and detailed in the BAA redzones map- which will apply to all Boats in this shoot not just airboats. Also redzones will include 5 stretches of houses (Pools 4, 7 and 8 along the Minnesotaand Wisconsin side of the river. Please be respectful to all locals along the river stretches, be courteous to other boaters while abroad and respect local residents at night in regards to noise on both the Wisconsin and Minnesota sides of the MississippiRiver.

All boats that wish to not weigh in for any reason, please call 507-313-1601 (John) so we canmark it down. Text is fine, please state team name and number in text.

If you have any concerns or problems with any of these rules please address them with the Tournament Director in a kind and respectful manor. Arguing with an official over rulings, discrepancies or disputes willNOT be tolerated. In no way shape or form, can you be hostile or disrespectful to another team, contestant or official of the BAA Worlds Championship. Doing this will be a forfeiture and barring from competition for 1 calendar year. If you do not like or agreewith these rules, do not register as a participant in this shoot.

Note: prizes exceeding $1000 and knowingly accepting and being caught of cheating is a felony. Any discrepancies with cheating, tickets, or issues, bring forth to tournament director for a party vote and finaldecision. Must have pictures or video proof of infraction of incident/rule violation to bring forth that will prove without reasonable doubt of the infraction. Hear say, or I just saw it is not enough proof. Please remember this before bringing something forward.Please refer to Rule #37.

10 Jul 2015

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